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Sunshine State Hockey: We’re Back!

BBT Center

Over two years have passed since the last article was published on Sunshine State Hockey. A lot has happened in that time, both with the Florida Panthers and in my personal life. Since that last article the Panthers have gone through another ownership and coaching switch, a first overall draft choice, and a historic 20 round shootout, among other events. Even through all of that, Dale Tallon has done a fantastic job in keeping the core of young players together, with the overall focus still on putting a winning team on the ice for years to come.

As far as my personal life is concerned, the primary reason I stopped writing is because of my new job. I am still currently employed, but due to other unforeseen life events I now have the time to manage Sunshine State Hockey at a level that fans of the site deserve. I just want everyone to know that I am extremely happy and excited to reboot the site.

At the time when I stopped writing, SSH was at its highest point of popularity. The site was receiving over 500 views per day and I had formed partnerships with other websites covering the Florida Panthers as well as Florida Atlantic University’s ice hockey team. It will take time, but I promise to restore Sunshine State Hockey to its former glory. There will be all new, original content, never before seen on SSH, as well as improvements to the overall site layout. I will also be integrating multiple platforms of social media into Sunshine State Hockey to bring fans even more Florida Panthers coverage than ever before.

I have already started making improvements on the site, starting with the domain name. Instead of the site now has a brand new domain: . This is just the beginning of the improvements coming to Sunshine State Hockey that will improve the overall experience for our readers.


Sunshine State Hockey And The NHL Lockout


As everyone in the hockey community knows by now the current collective bargaining agreement expires tonight at 11:59 PM EST. If a new deal is not reached by that time Sunshine State Hockey will end all coverage of the NHL and Florida Panthers on our site until a new CBA is agreed upon.

This does not mean that we will go completely silent with our coverage of the hockey world. Thanks to the recent partnership formed between SSH and FAU Hockey we will be able to bring everyone the latest news, information, and game recaps from the Owls. Also, starting tomorrow, we will begin covering the San Antonio Rampage, Florida’s American Hockey League affiliate. Adding coverage of the Rampage to Sunshine State Hockey will fill the void left by this ridiculous NHL lockout.

I want to personally thank all of our readers for your continued support, especially during this tough, unnecessary time. I would also like to wish all of the arena employees, especially those I’ve gotten to know over the years at the BB&T Center, the best of luck. Remember they are the ones who are suffering the most from this mess.

Hopefully this will all blow over sooner rather than later.

SSH And FAU Hockey Join Forces

Every once in a while an opportunity will come along that is just to great to pass up. Over the weekend I received a phone call from Scott Grosky, the general manager and assistant coach of Florida Atlantic University’s hockey team, the Owls. Scott and I had a long discussion about the current state of the team, Sunshine State Hockey, and After kicking the tires for a while we finally came to an agreement that I am extremely happy and proud to announce. SSH and FAU hockey have entered into a partnership, making me the new writer and social media manager for the Owls. will also be the temporary host for all of the latest information, news, game recaps, and more for the Owls until construction on their website,, is finished.

This is an exciting time for everyone at Sunshine State Hockey as we continue to create strong relationships with different parts of the South Florida community. Our partnership with FAU hockey adds an entirely new dimension to our website, granting us the ability to cover another sports team on the rise. Florida Atlantic University’s 2012-2013 season is setting up to be a promising one and we will be there to cover every aspect of it.

For easy access to all of our Owls hockey coverage just click the newly added FAU hockey button on the top menu.

Go Owls.

SSHL 2012-2013


Good morning hockey fans. We wanted to provide a brief update about the status of our fantasy hockey league, the SSHL. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the National Hockey League’s 2012-2013 season the Sunshine State Hockey League will be canceled for 2012-2013. We will however host a special playoff edition of the SSHL as long as there is not a full season lockout in the NHL.

More details will be released on March 1st, 2013.

Coming Soon To SSH

Good evening everyone.

I wanted to take some time this evening to reveal some of the content that will be coming to Sunshine State Hockey in the near future. I know that recently there has been a serious lack of material on our site, but I promise that will be addressed very soon. The reason there has not been as many articles as in previous months, like April, is because I am currently in the process of moving in with fellow SSH staffer Ana Lopez. Thankfully the moving process is almost over, which means that once we are settled in at our new place there will be plenty of updated content on the site.

Until that time I hope that this post will keep everyone excited for the future of Sunshine State Hockey. I have big plans for the site, bigger than anything ever before, but that information will be revealed in the distant future. This post is intended to fill everyone in on the near future, which is also very exciting. The schedule below, which is subject to change if the move takes longer than expected, outlines the content that will be added to the site during the month of June.

June 8th, 2012 – Top 10 Moments Of The 2011-2012 Season: #2
June 11th, 2012 – Top 10 Moments Of The 2011-2012 Season: #1 (w/ special surprise)
Week of June 18th, 2012 – NHL Awards Predictions
Week of June 18th, 2012 – 2nd Annual SSH Awards
Week of June 18th, 2012 – NHL Entry Draft Preview
TBA (June or July) – Contest

Thanks everyone for your continued support, and be sure to keep checking back with us for all of your Florida Panthers and NHL needs.